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CMT Releases RFP for Development of Commuter App

Citizens for Modern Transit (“CMT”) is seeking proposals from qualified firms to provide a web-based commute alternative incentive platform service for CMT and partners, including academic institutions and employers across St. Louis City, St. Louis County, and St. Clair County.

CMT plans to bring back former transit riders and move single occupancy vehicle (SOV) commuters to new users of public transit by re-launching the “Save Your Commute” program that rewards commuters for using alternative modes of transportation. This program is designed to reduce emissions caused, primarily by, solo driving and intended to amplify positive behavioral change in potential transit users. The primary method where customers engage with the program would be through a mobile app or through an online portal.


A hosted and CMT-branded website and application solution is needed to support this effort with multi-user capability for other institutions and organizations to boost alternative transportation trips. The hosted website and application should be designed to provide a user-friendly portal for individuals to track alternative commute behavior, automatically gather data on vehicle miles saved, emission reductions achieved through alternative modes taken and facilitate the administration and implementation of commuter rewards and challenges to encourage commuters to use non-SOV modes.

Full RFP for Incentive Platform 2023 available here. 

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