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CMT Releases a New Form Based Code Policy Brief

Form Based Overlay CodeBCMT announces the release of a new policy brief on Form Based Code around transit in the Region.  The report includes draft overlay zoning codes – one for the City of Pagedale and one for the for City of St. Louis.  With the goal of creating more livable, walkable communities around transit, this brief can serve as a tool in developer, municipality, and community toolboxes.  Though the St. Louis region has a world class transit system, the region has not yet leveraged the system to build communities that foster healthier lifestyles, the development of mixed-use, mixed-income neighborhoods with increased accessibility and sustainability to the best of its ability.

To help inspire movement in more transit oriented directions, the report touches upon how Form Based Code, Transit Oriented Development, and Complete Street policies can work together to create healthier communities.  The policy brief includes the benefits of implementing form based code, specifically benefits to both the health and character of communities.

From there, the report provides guidelines for implementing form based code, emphasizing the importance of community engagement in the process.

Read the brief and review the draft overlay codes Here

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