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CMT releases 2012 Annual Report

Citizens for Modern Transit capped off the 28th Annual Meeting with the release of the FY12 Annual Report.  Attendees received copies which highlight some of the successes of CMT in FY12:

1. Record membership levels for the organization

2.  TOD Advocacy work including two Urban Land INstitute (ULI) Technical Assistance Panels at the Belleville and UMSL South MetroLink Stations

3. Ridership events including the inaugural Great Race, Wake Up to a Sweeter Commute, TOD Lecture Series and much more.

4. Recognition with two awards – Trailnet’s Active Living Award and a  WTS Innovative Transportation Solutions Award

5. Award of two grants including one Congestion Mitigation and Air Quality and one Missouri Foundation for Health Grant

“The past 12 months have been a year of connecting people and places with transit. This organization prides itself in being able to make this connection for St. Louis through our events and programs, advocacy and education.   Transit has the ability to not only move people from Point A to Point B, but connect people to people, people to their communities and our communities to this region,” said Don C. Musick, III, Chair of CMT Board of Directors, in his remarks at the event.

 CMT FY12 Annual Report

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