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CMT Reinstitutes its MetroLink Monitor Program with New Emphasis on Safety and Security; Looking for Volunteers to Ride & Report

The safety and security of the MetroLink System has been a top, regional priority for the past several years. Significant work has been accomplished through the collaboration of industry leaders, elected officials, police officers, public safety officials and others– yet all agree, more needs to be done. As part of this on-going process, Citizens for Modern Transit (CMT) will be reinstituting its MetroLink Monitor Program with a new emphasis on safety and security at Metro Transit Stations and Centers. This program was originally established in 2012 by CMT’s Riders’ Advocate Committee to monitor the quality and condition of stations along the MetroLink alignment, much like “secret or mystery shoppers” evaluate in-store experiences. Volunteers observed and recorded conditions at each of the 38 MetroLink Stations and reported their findings to CMT monthly.

Information gleaned from the reports was provided to Metro Transit on a quarterly basis as a part of its employee evaluation system. At that time, the program focused on maintenance and cleanliness at the stations with only one or two questions regarding safety and security. The relaunched program will now narrow in on safety and security by evaluating security presence at stations and on trains/buses, observing contract and in-house security, determining if fares are being inspected and gauging levels of customer engagement. Reports will be provided to Metro Public Safety.

“Transit safety and security has been a main area of focus for Citizens for Modern Transit for the past several years,” said Kim Cella, Executive Director of CMT.  “We are encouraged to see the progress that has been made over the last 10 months under the new leadership at Metro Transit and look forward to continued collaboration through the reinstitution of our MetroLink Monitor Program, which will provide helpful insight as it relates to the implementation of safety and security measures on the system.  This is a great opportunity for Metro Public Safety to hear from riders on what is happening on the system.”

The program is volunteer-based, and CMT is currently looking for individuals willing to visit one or more Metro Transit Stations or Centers each month to evaluate a list of specified line items.

“This is a perfect opportunity for those who take MetroLink or MetroBus regularly or live or work in the area to get involved in transit improvement efforts in the community,” added Cella

Volunteers will receive two tickets each month, along with a list of items to check up on at each station – and will be asked to submit their findings online at If interested, please email CMT at or complete this form.

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