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CMT Offers Scholarships for the 2023 Four-State Midwest Transit Conference

CMT is offering several scholarships for the 2023 Midwest Transit Conference through the Fred Epstein Public Transit Education Fund.

CMT will be offering several scholarships for registration for this upcoming conference through the Fred Epstein Transit Education Fund. As one of the founders of Citizens for Modern Transit (CMT) in 1985, Fred Epstein, whose passions included transit and access to public transportation, ensured the St. Louis region had an articulate, active voice for public transit with Citizens for Modern Transit. From 1986 to 1998, Fred worked diligently to ensure light rail came to fruition as a member of the Citizens for Modern Transit Board of Directors including a stint as President, Vice-President, and Treasurer over the years.

Fred was a true public transit visionary and advocate who dedicated years to the transit discussion, ensuring in part through his leadership St. Louis MetroLink came to fruition. Fred was a leader on the transit front in St. Louis, and this education fund would be a way to build new transit leaders in his name and honor his goal to ensure a great transit system for all in the region.

Interested in a scholarship for this conference? Please send the following to CMT at by (Date that you would like to scholarship applications by?)

Hotel reservations and travel will be on your own.







Why attending this conference is important to you?

How transit plays a role in your life?

What you hope to gain from attending this conference?

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