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CMT needs your help to promote transit in STL!

IMG_0360As we head into Spring at CMT, we have many upcoming volunteer opportunities to actively help promote transit in St. Louis as a good way to go.  Consider joining us to help ‘sweeten’ the commute for area commuters on May 1o, become a Ten Toe Walk Leader with the opportunity to explore St. Louis with others on transit , join us at the Great Race to promote transit,  or help CMT ensure that MetroLink Stationsare maintained to the best of Metro’s ability.   Any or all of these opportunities are a great way to actively promote transit to St. Louisans and a great help to CMT!

  1. We are looking for volunteers to help us on May 10 for Wake Up to a Sweeter Commute from 7 to 8:30 a. m. This event rewards current riders by “sweetening” their commutes that morning with a complimentary granola bar, a thank you for riding, and information on the Guaranteed Ride Home program. We will be stationing volunteers at stops along the alignment.  Each volunteer receives a complimentary TEAM TRANSIT shirt created by STL-STYLE!
  2. The second program is the Ten Toe Express Program – a walking program that links older adults with using the MetroLink, MetroBus and their own ten toes – walking – to create opportunities to get healthy, explore St. Louis and learn how to use transit.  We are always looking for walk leaders to lead 6 to 12 walks per session – one walk a week for about 2 hours.   The next session kicks off on April 10. Walk leaders receive complimentary Ten Toe Polo Shirts and complimentary transit tickets.
  3. We are looking for a volunteer for the MetroLink Monitor Program to monitorthe Airport East Station. A Monitor goes out once each month with a station report card provided by CMT to check the station and any issues that might arise concerning security, cleanliness and maintenance at the station. Each monitor receives two tickets to help us out each month.  
  4. Finally, join Team Transit for the Great Race on May 23 – help out at the kick-off at Post Office Plaza at 4:30 p.m., race with Team Transit, and/or help out at the finish line at Fortel’s University City/Clayton.  Each team participant receives a complimentary TEAM TRANSIT shirt.  

Now is the time to get on board with transit. Let us know if you are interested in any of these opportunities at or 314.231.7272.

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