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CMT Needs Your Help – Tell us Your WHY

This year, Citizens for Modern Transit will be celebrating its 40th anniversary and we will be recognizing this milestone in a variety of ways over the next 6-10 months. All of our efforts will be centered around the theme – “The Why.”

In turn, we are reaching out to our supporters to gather written testimonials on

  • “Why transit is important to you”
  • “Why transit is important to the region”
  • “Why it is important to support CMT”
  • “Why it is important to get involved with CMT efforts”

We are just looking for a sentence or two that addresses one or more of the “why” questions noted above, along with your title and headshot. The testimonials will be used in marketing materials and as content for social media.

Thank you in advance for your time and consideration in helping us with this initial project.

Information can be emailed to


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