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CMT members and friends beat the heat at the Wellston Walkabout to gain insight on tools to create a livable community

More than 4o CMT members and friends toured the Wellston MetroLink Station and surrounding area as a part of the CMT Wellston Walkabout in conjunction wiht Walk/Live St. Louis 2012 today. Despite searing temperatures, national TOD Walkability expert DAn Burden presented key factors that help to create livable, sustainable communities around transit as the group toured the area. 

The day began with participants listening to an overview of walkable communities from Burden, then hit the streets of Wellston to get a first hand look at the station and surrounding area as a part of a Walk Audit.  Burden pointed out things such as accessibility, surrounding builidings’ positioning, signage, and possible areas for development.

Burden talked about the importance of form based code.  He indicated form based code helps to create good mixed income communities that are desirable to live, work and play. 

Survey results from the event will be provided in the next several weeks.

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