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CMT Issues an RFP for Website updates

Citizens for Modern Transit request for proposal on Try & Ride Web Development work

Transit Rider Improvement Program

Federal Project Number CMAQ-5456(611); TIP# 5831-13

Citizens for Modern Transit (“CMT”) is seeking a consultant to make CMT’s Try & Ride program pages on the CMT website more visually appealing, graphic, interactive, easy to find and use.  It should better tell the story of the Try & Ride program.  Doing updates to the Try & Ride page might require updates to other sections of the CMT website that pertain to the Try & Ride site.  CMT’s Try & Ride program is a transit incentive program for people who currently drive alone to work.  In exchange for a commitment to try transit for 2 months of their work commute, CMT will provide 1 month worth of tickets. These program pages are a part of the overall CMT website at  Participants are also asked to complete a survey at the end of their first and second months of participation.

Identified work products include:

  • A vision for the Try & Ride Pages of the CMT site.
  • Several rounds of edits to the ideas/proposals/templates.
  • Redesigned Try & Ride Program pages that are less text heavy, more visual, and more interactive.
  • Interactive features that visually portray information about the program.
  • Web graphics and menus for other sections of the site that draw people’s attention to the ridership programs.
  • A word press template that is easily maintained by staff following updates.
  • A staff training and instruction guide for future content management.

A detailed budget breakdown for the scope of the proposal will need to be included with submission.

CMT encourages disadvantaged, small, women-owned, and/or minority business participation.

Proposals are due on April 3, 2015, at 4:00 p.m. local time.  Please e-mail your proposed description to  Late proposals will not be considered.


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