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CMT honored to be recipient of The Giving Community

Recently, Citizens for Modern Transit was honored to have been chosen as the 2012 recipient of one of The Giving Community‘s quarterly donations.

The Giving Community is a St. Louis-based organization, currently composed of a group of friends from the region and surrounding area who are united by their common interest in social justice and increasing resources for everyday problems in the area.  They developed this group as a way to give a small amount of time and money four times per year, in order to make a larger collective impact.

The group designates a particular non-profit/charity they believe is doing legitimately good work in the St. Louis area and, through collective fund-raising, send funds to said organization in order to assist with their particular needs.

The Giving Community aims to be an outlet for other people to get involved with organizations doing good work in St. Louis, and a source for community building on a small and large scale. Throughout the next year or so, they plan to catalogue the organizations to which they have donated. Through which they hope to both effectively continue providing funds for specific organizations with specific needs, as well as provide others with information about organizations which they too might be interested in helping out in some way.


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