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CMT definitely made some moves on Metro this May

Wow, what an exciting month it has been at CMT, and it is not over yet! We have definitely made some moves on Metro for the events throughout the month. We have talked about the benefits of building around light rail infrastructure with keynote speaker Katherine Perez.  She brought insight into the current environment in St. Louis and also an outside perspective on the accomplishments we have made in the last 10 years in the region. It was great to have an outside look at what things are going right, and what things St. Louis may need to change to stay on the right track. We are definitely not there yet, but we could be on our way if we plan for ‘right sized’ development for the region now according to Katherine.

Next, what a sweet commute we provided for many St. Louis commuters on May 10 with our Wake Up to a  Sweeter Commute event!  Thousands of St. Louis area bus, MetroLink, bike and walk commuters received a little pick-up on their commute with granola bars and information on the Guaranteed Ride Home during the morning commute.  Anyone who registers for the Guaranteed Ride Home now through the end of the month will be entered into a drawing for cash prizes. Talk about an even sweeter commute!

Last week, we hosted the first ever Great Race in St. Louis in partnership with Trailnet and WeCar by Enterprise. What an exciting, fun way to talk about the great alternatives for the work commute in St. Louis!  Unfortunately TEAM TRANSIT crossed the finish line 54 seconds behind TEAM CARSHARE (yes, we did have to run to and from both stations – so we got our physical activity for the day in as well!)  but we have already asked for a rematch for next year.

This week we have the Walkabout at the Rock Road Station to look at the possiblities at and around the station. What do you think would fit best in that community? What would increase transit usage? Come out and let us know your thoughts at 9:30 a.m. on Thursday.

We also still have the May Transit Pic Challenge underway. Remember to send in your pics of St. Louisans making their move on Metro in May whether for work, play or any time of the day.  The winner will be selected on May 25 for a Free June Metro pass.  Just think your picture could be worth 1,000 rides in June! Send those in by email, Twitter or post on the CMT FAcebook page. 

For more information on all of the activities in May, check out the latest CMT newsletter.  CMT June 2012 newsletter

Special thanks goes to the St. Louis Regional Clean Air Partnership and the St. Clair County Transit District  for their support of all of CMT’s Make your Move on Metro in May activities. 

Remember if you are not a member of CMT, consider joining us today!

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