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CMT Board supports taking streetcar project to next study level

streetcarThe CMT Board of Directors voted at their Board meeting today in support of advancing the St. Louis Streetcar Project to the next level- the Environmental Impact Study (EIS).  CMT’s mission is to lead efforts in the region for an integrated, affordable and convenient public transportation system with light rail as the critical component to drive economic growth to improve the quality of life in the region.  A part of this mission CMT is advocating for the regional leaders to determine a list of transit project priorities to move forward.

In order for the region to decide on the next transit priority, more detailed analysis including potential ridership, capital/operating costs, and development potential should be conducted to determine the viability of this project.  Modern streetcar systems are gaining in popularity as cost-effective alternatives to light rail service with similar advantages including development potential. However, the St. Louis region needs to have more information on the  St. Louis Streetcar project before making that decision – advancing the EIS will help provide that information. 

A Feasibility Study wrapped up this past spring on the potential line.  More information on the St. Louis Streetcar project is available at!/stlstreetcar.


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