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CMT awarded new federal grant to introduce new riders to transit

HGD-9451On July 31, 2013, the date of MetroLink’s 20th Anniversary, CMT received final approval for a 3 year, federal grant to launch a new education/advocacy program called, Let’s Move with Transit. 

The St. Louis region is rated a marginal* non-attainment area for purposes of clean air standards by the Environmental Protection Agency. One of the leading causes of this air pollution problem is single-occupancy vehicle (SOV) travel in the St. Louis region. Public transit is an effective way to reduce air pollution.

Redirecting a portion of the population driving alone towards the use of public transit would improve the area’s air quality. In addition, shifting solo driver trips to public transit provides opportunities to redevelop underutilized parts of the region along transit corridors, provides environmentally friendly alternatives to vehicular traffic, and helps create and sustain livable communities including Transit Oriented Development centers.

This is the second federal grant that CMT has been awarded this fiscal year allowing the organization to help bring more than $1 million in federal dollars to the region. CMT will providing the 20 percent match for awards.  This is a great opportunity for members and friends to see their membership dollars at work through education and advocacy programs.   Consider renewing or joining online today to help match the new work underway to move transit forward in St. Louis.  You can join online at

 * “Marginal” is a correction to an earlier post that referred to St. Louis as a “moderate” non-attainment area (8/22/13).

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