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CMT awarded 2016 APTA Local Transit Coalition Grant

CMT was recently selected as a recipient of a grant under the American Public Transportation Association’s (APTA) Local Transit Coalition Grant Program for 2016.  Through this grant, CMT will be equipped to develop transit ridership educational tools and program guides on how to implement CMT’s successful transit rider incentive programs, including the Guaranteed Ride Home, the Ten Toe Express, and Try & Ride programs.

This program will allow CMT to share with other transit agencies and transit advocacy groups throughout the state of Missouri and nationally what CMT has learned through development and implementation of its ridership programs.
“The goal of this project would be to share successful program information and practices with other transit organizations in order to increase transit ridership and investment in transit, increase awareness of transit and its benefits in communities across Missouri whether they ride it or not, and beyond,” said Kimberly Cella, CMT Executive Director.

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