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CMT Announces a Young Transit Professionals Initiative

cmt-featured2We’ve seen a lot of recent coverage in the news about the interest that young professionals have in transit.  Story after story cites the draw to transit oriented, walkable communities that allow young professionals to navigate their lives without a car.  As St. Louis strives to retain and seek top young talent and become a sustainable and thriving urban environment, transit will be a significant key to its success.

With this in mind, CMT announces the launch of a young transit professionals group to engage the interests of young professionals in the region.

Justin Chick, CMT Young Transit Professional Advisory Committee Member and local web designer, explains the thinking behind the initiative, “We’re looking to the future of St. Louis, specifically the future of transit in St. Louis and what better way to do that than than to get young professionals involved.”  Rachel Witt, another CMT Young Transit Professional Advisory Committee Member and Executive Director of the South Grand Community Improvement District states it slightly differently, “We are working together to make transit more convenient in Saint Louis which  encourages economic growth making Saint Louis a destination for Generation Y to live, work, and play.”

Activities being planned for Young Transit Professionals include regular Tapping Into Transit discussions about transit related issues of importance to young professionals, networking opportunities, educational programs, advocacy efforts and more.

An advisory committee for young transit professionals is being formed to help inform these efforts and to help CMT better engage this important demographic.

If you are interested in joining CMT as a Young Transit Professional, please contact CMT at 314-231-7272 or write

As Carlos Suarez, CMT member, Young Transit Professional Advisory Committee Member, and External Relations Manager for the Junior Chamber International states, “I believe a solid public transportation system is needed to connect people, institutions and resources. In order for us to sustain a great system and look toward the future, we must involve the younger generation to build support for changes in lifestyle preferences and create a dynamic environment for community development.”

CMT knows there are many young  professionals in the community who share Carlos’ sentiments, who are committed to transit, and who want to impact the St. Louis region in a positive way.  We hope you’ll join our efforts.

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