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CMT adopts FY12 Legislative Agenda

With the general session right around the corner, funding for transit at the state level tops CMT’s Legislative Agenda this fiscal year.  Citizens for Modern Transit adopted its FY12 Legislative Agenda on December 7.  Federal reauthorization of the Transportation Bill, supporting MoDOT’s request for $3.06 million for transit funding from the state of Missouri and MoDOT’s request for $8.5 million for Amtrak funding top CMT’s list of priorities. 

Discussion of Transportation Development District (TDD) legislation may also become a top priority as the session moves forward.

    • Work for reauthorization of the federal transportation bill
  • STATE- MO & IL
    • Transit Oriented Development Education at the state level
    • Funding for Metro at the state level
      • MoDOT requesting $3.06 million for state transit funding
        The proposed SFY 2013 state transit funding is comprised of the current SFY 2012 “core” funding of $560,875 derived from the State Transportation Fund (STF) as that fund is described in Article IV Sec. 30 (b) 2 of the Missouri Constitution. The remaining “expanded core” funding of $2,500,000 is proposed to come from state general revenue (GR).
      • Currently at $200,000+ for operating from Transportation Fund
    • Funding and advocacy for Amtrak/high speed rail at the state level.
      • MoDOT seeking $8.5 million for twice day service for Amtrak plus $1.5 million in arrears to Amtrak
    • Coordinate legislative agendas locally and at the state level with other groups interested in transportation
    • Support TDD legislation if introduced
    • Ensure that Prop. A dollars collected are turned over to Metro in both St. Louis City and County
    • Ensure that no additional funds generated from the original half cent in St. Louis County are diverted for roads and bridges

CMT has adopted a set of Talking Points for FY2012.  Please consider contacting your elected officials and let them know the importance of transit to Missouri and Illinois.  A day at the Missouri State Capitol is set for February 1, 2012 with organizations from across the state to bring the message to the legislature. 


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