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CMT & AARP select team for Environmental Walk Audits of MetroLink Stations

Citizens For Modern Transit Logo - CMYK (348x450) (2)PrintCMT has selected the Arcturis team for the 2016 Environmental Design Audits of MetroLink Stations. Arcturis was selected from a pool of 10 proposals evaluated based on the following established criteria:

  1. Qualifications of person/firm conducting the work
  2. Proposal Quality
  3. Product samples – samples provided and/or on firm website need to be relevant to work being asked to be completed.

Once the proposals were narrowed down to the top candidates using these criteria, the final selection was determined with consideration to price and the above criteria.


CMT and the AARP in St. Louis are teaming up for an Environmental Design Audit for three MetroLink Stations in the St. Louis region.  Transit, from simple bus stops to light rail stations, can be natural focal points for activity and revitalizing adjacent neighborhoods.  There is an opportunity to look at these three MetroLink Stations – one in unincorporated St. Louis County, two in the City of Louis – as potential focal points for the surrounding neighborhoods and stakeholders through environmental design and placemaking.

Currently, area residents, transit commuters, and visitors do not view these stations as destinations.  For transit stations like these to play an effective role in improving the livability of a community, they must be an integral part of community life and riders must have confidence in the safety of the system at that site. This process provides the opportunity to engage the community members, riders and stakeholders near the station.  This community engagement process will not only educate them on what to look for when evaluating other stops but will give them a sense of ownership of the station.

“This environmental audit process is an opportunity to determine what areas need improvement to move these stations closer to becoming a valued part of the surrounding neighborhoods,” said Kim Cella, Executive Director of CMT.

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