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Citizens for Modern Transit to Remind Transit Riders of its FREE Guaranteed Ride Home Program as “Metro Transit is Getting Back on Track”


Metro Transit continues to work tirelessly to make repairs and restore train service to the MetroLink light rail system following unprecedented rainfall and flash flooding.

Last week, modified MetroLink Single Track Service got underway, but service changes and modifications remain. In turn, Citizens for Modern Transit – the transit advocacy organization – is teaming up with Metro Transit and other partners to host an event with a two-fold mission: to thank transit riders for their patience by giving them a free One Ride transit pass and making sure they are aware of CMT’s FREE Guaranteed Ride Home Program.

The Guaranteed Ride Home Program is an incentive option for commuters who take public transportation, bike or even walk to work. The program is designed to give them peace of mind knowing they can gain access to more immediate transportation options if a personal need arises. So, the next time flood waters impact transit use – or a personal emergency, sickness or unscheduled overtime leaves them in a bind – commuters can get a subsidized ride via a ride-hailing service, like Lyft, a taxicab company or even a rental vehicle from Enterprise Rent-A-Car. Commuters simply pay upfront for the entire cost of the ride home and then submit the receipt to Citizens for Modern Transit, which reimburses them 80 percent of the cost, up to $60 per ride. (Example: $45 ride-hailing service ride would mean that CMT pays $36 and the registered commuter pays $9). Commuters can utilize the program up to four times per year. Individuals must pre-register for the Guaranteed Ride Home Program. To learn more or to register for the free program, click here.

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