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CARES Act Delivers for Transit in MO

The Cares Act is delivering a $248 million lifeline for Missouri Transit providers. Congress crossed the finish line on March 26 with the Coronavirus Aid, Relief, and Economic Security (CARES) Act which including $25 billion in transit funding for rural and urban areas across the country. Bi-State Development through its partnership with St. Clair County Transit District in Illinois will receive more than $151 million in support.

“Congress is providing a vital line of support through this stimulus package. Missouri transit agencies are facing massive deficits due to dropping farebox recovery, increased expenses from new cleaning protocols and significant driver absenteeism. This money will go a long way towards ensuring that transit agencies can survive until this public health crisis subsides. Public transportation is vital to local communities. We are grateful to our congressional delegation for stepping up for transit during this time,” said Kim Cella, Executive Director of CMT and MPTA.

Funding included in the Act would be allocated to transit operators to protect public health and safety while ensuring transportation access to jobs, medical treatment, food, and other essential services remain available during the COVID-19 response.

MO Large Urban areas

  • Kansas City $51,271,164
    • Missouri $29,592,282
    • Kansas $21,678,882
  • St. Louis $142,528,297
    • Missouri $133,524,916
    • Illinois $9,003,381
  • Springfield $7,633,199

Missouri – Small Urban $23,713,661

  • Alton, IL-MO $3,216
  • Cape Girardeau, MO-IL $3,680,117
  • Columbia, MO $6,505,074
  • Jefferson City, MO $2,315,861
  • Joplin, MO $3,176,485
  • Lee’s Summit, MO $3,751,725
  • St. Joseph, MO-KS $4,281,183
  • Rural Section 5311 Providers  $61,770,760.00

Total to Missouri –  $248,601,619.00

Total with Partner States – $288,287,263.00

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