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“Candid Conversation with Commuters” Addresses Transit Rider Inquiries

Citizens for Modern Transit hosted a “Candid Conversation with Commuters” in partnership with Metro Transit and the St. Clair County Transit District officials on Thursday, Nov. 16, via Zoom. The event provided a platform for transit riders and the community at-large to directly connect with local transit industry leaders.

The discussion featured:

  • Ken Sharkey, Managing Director of the St. Clair County Transit District;
  • Trenise Winters, Assistant Executive Director of Metro Transit;
  • Jessica Gershman, Assistant Executive Director of Planning & Systems for Metro Transit; and
  • D’Andre Braddix, Chair of the CMT Board of Directors.

It was moderated by Kimberly Cella, Executive Director of Citizens for Modern Transit.

The panel addressed questions received in advance of the forum, as well as those posed live. Questions included, but were not limited to, inquiries about the pilot on Single-Car MetroLink Train Service, newly hired operators, upcoming service changes, frequency of service changes, overall ridership numbers, Call-A-Ride impacts, service increases as a result of operator availability, and more.

The event can be viewed in its entirety below or by clicking here.

CMT’s “Candid Conversation with Commuters” is a spin-off of its quarterly “Talking Transit” events, which are designed to keep members, elected officials, stakeholders, transit riders and others in the loop on issues and efforts influencing the local transit system. These educational gatherings feature guest speakers and panel discussions that address a wide range of topics, including transit-oriented development, safety and security, best practices, service changes and more.

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