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Brickline Greenway Awarded $9.9 Million in Construction Funds from U.S. Department of Transportation’s Reconnecting Communities and Neighborhoods Program

The Brickline Greenway just took an important step forward. With support from Congresswoman Cori Bush, the United States Department of Transportation awarded Great Rivers Greenway $9.9 million in construction funding as part of its Reconnecting Communities and Neighborhoods Program. This is half of the total projected construction cost for this new greenway bridge for people walking, running, using a wheelchair, pushing a stroller, or riding a bicycle. Great Rivers Greenway will fund the balance with local tax dollars and private gifts from donors such as the Berges Family Foundation.

The project area is in the Midtown area of St. Louis City, spanning from Laclede Avenue south on Spring Street and across Forest Park Avenue past the City Foundry. A new greenway bridge will go above the east-bound lanes and below the west-bound lanes of I-64/40, bridging through the current barrier created by the interstate to the Grand MetroLink Station and Armory District on the other side, offering easier access for nearby destinations along the way. This portion of the greenway will link into a separate Brickline Greenway project connecting the Grand MetroLink Station to the Cortex MetroLink Station, creating more access and options for residents and visitors alike.

Partners include the City of St. Louis, private developments, and Missouri Department of Transportation (MoDOT). The two public agencies are aligning schedules with the reconstruction of the eastbound I-64 bridge over Vandeventer Avenue in 2027-2028 to minimize disruption for community members.


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