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Billions invested in Transit Projects in 2014

Major-Transit-Investments The Transport Politic highlights billions in major transit investments in the US and Canada in 2014- a banner year in every metropolitan region in the U.S.  Yonah Freemark, the blog’s author, summarizes the impact and cost of the projects and offers the following observations:

  • 737 miles of new lines and extensions  in 2014.
  • 10 new stations or major station renovations were completed or under construction in 2014.
  • $81.5 billion in programmed funding in 2014.

While there has been a frenzy of construction this year, Freemark also notes that the federal government put a freeze on funding in 2010 that will have long-term consequences on future projects.  Freemark then goes on to compare costs between transit projects in the states versus projects in Europe.  Where full featured tramway projects in Europe cost $30 million per mile, the following info is what projects in St. Louis might cost in the near future:

  • 8 of the 2014 subway projects (including light rail, heavy rail, and commuter rail) averaged $1.1 billion per mile to build.
  • 24 of the light rail projects (many at grade or on existing right-of-ways) averaged $284 million per mile.
  • Bus Rapid transit projects averaged $17 per mile.

Read the full blog here.

 Article source: “Opens and Construction Starts Planned for 2014,” by Yonah Freemark in the Transport Politic.  Found on 12/11/14 on the world wide web at


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