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Bids Requested for First Construction Package of Metro Transit’s $52-Million Secure Platform Plan for MetroLink

A $52-million project to control access onto MetroLink platforms on the 46-mile light rail system is moving  forward with the request for quotes for the installation of secure gates and fencing at four MetroLink stations in St. Clair County. The project is the first of several construction packages tied to Metro Transit’s Secure Platform Plan. Construction and installation under the first package will take place at the Jackie Joyner-Kersee Center Station, College Station, Emerson Park Station and Washington Park MetroLink Station, and all work is expected to be completed in Spring 2024. Bids are due by September 5.

The Secure Platform Plan is a multi-tiered security strategy to grow ridership and create a more secure environment for transit riders by creating centralized and highly secure entrances. Platform access would be granted only through paid fare – and access to station platforms controlled through integrated fare collection gates. Secure gates and fencing will be installed in phases at 38 MetroLink stations as well as the new MetroLink station coming to MidAmerica St. Louis Airport.

Access to each MetroLink station is unique, with different platform entrances and exits, requiring a phased approach to the Secure Platform Plan. The implementation divided into six construction packages comprised of four to eight MetroLink stations each. Each of the six construction packages will be put out for bid in a phased approach so that gates and fencing would be underway at some stations while design on another group of stations would be going on at the same time. The second group of stations will focus on the Forest Park-DeBaliviere, Central West End, Cortex, Grand, Union Station, Civic Center and Delmar Loop MetroLink Stations. The design phase for that package is scheduled to be completed later this year, with construction at those seven MetroLink stations expected to be completed in Summer 2024.

Metro Transit collaborated with design consultant HNTB to identify the most appropriate gating and fencing solutions for the Secure Platform Plan. HNTB’s primary recommendation of a roto-gate, complemented by a swing gate for ADA and emergency access was selected by Metro Transit. Following a comprehensive analysis and scoring criteria, welded-wire fencing was chosen and it will provide both optimal security and visual appeal for MetroLink.

More than $10 million in private funding has been committed to the $52 million Secure Platform Plan project.


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