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Bi-State Board Approves Reduction in Pricing for Weekly/Monthly Passes for November-December

The Bi-State Board of Commissioners approved today a reduction in pricing for the weekly and monthly transit passes for the months of November and December.  A weekly pass currently sells for $27.00 and a monthly pass for $78.00. The board approved new pricing to  $15.00 for a weekly and $50.00 for a monthly pass for November and December of 2022.

In addition, the board voted to maintain the $5.00 day pass price.   A pilot program has been in place offering the daily pass at $5.00. Prior to this pilot, the daily pass was $7.50.  According to Bi-State Development, when comparing the results for fiscal year 2022, with the cost at $5.00 to fiscal year 2019 with the cost at $7.50 in a year prior to COVID, the effect of that reduction more than doubled sales of the daily pass and increased revenue by 45% to a total annual revenue of $430,730.

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