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Bi-State Board Approves Contract Modification for Designs of 8th and Pine and Convention Center Stations

In April 2019, Bi-State Development entered into an agreement with WSP for planning and design services for five MetroLink Stations including Laclede’s Landing; Convention Center; 8th and Pine; Forest Park-DeBaliviere and the Delmar Loop Stations.   At its Feb. 18 Board of Commissioners meeting, the Board modified the contract to move 8th and Pine and Convention Center Stations to final design as well as plans and services for an additional construction phase to bring to completion these improvements as soon as possible.

According to Bi-State materials, the main goals of these enhancements were to promote a safe and attractive environment at each station, strengthen connections to surrounding communities, reduce long-term maintenance costs and increase ridership.

The improvements for the 8th and Pine and Convention Center stations will include restoration of full access to the stations and improve safety.

Enhancements include replacing the escalators at all four platforms with stairs, lighting upgrades, emergency egress tunnel lighting, different wall systems, painting the ceiling, adding station access control, and upgrading signage and branding.   The modification to the contract comes in at a cost of $1.7 million.

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