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Bi-State Advertises Security Positions

Bi-State Development recently advertised for three security positions available at the agency.   The recent MetroLink Security Assessment laid out 99 recommendations for safety and security of the system including staffing suggestions and training.   In addition, security is a top priority for Bi-State’s new President/CEO Taulby Roach.

The open positions include Director of Security, General Manager of Public Safety, and Manager of Contract Security.

The Director of Public Safety provides leadership to Metro’s Public Safety team by planning, directing and managing the department’s administrative activities and operations. This position manages the administration and implementation of all Public Safety functions including personnel deployment, coordination with partnering entities, fare enforcement administration, and staff development and training. This position reports to the General Manager of Public Safety.

The General Manager of Public Safety has overall responsibility for developing and leading Metro Transit’s comprehensive security program, ensuring alignment of this program with Metro’s business strategies. The General Manager of Public Safety provides leadership to Metro’s Public Safety team, partnership to key stakeholders including local police jurisdictions, and provides strategy, direction and oversight to Metro’s security contractors.  Metro’s evolving security program emphasizes crime prevention through the coordinated deployment of uniform security and law enforcement personnel; enforcement of Metro’s fare policies and code of conduct; clearly-defined procedures and training for Metro personnel and contractors; and system design and maintenance practices which incorporate crime prevention through environmental design.  This position reports to the Executive Director of Metro Transit, and is a member of Metro Transit’s Executive Team.

The Manager of Contract Security coordinates and provides oversight of contract security staff by planning and directing staff operations in a manner that is consistent with Metro’s comprehensive security program. This position is responsible for maintaining and enforcing security practices and procedures, coordinates training for contracted employees, and ensures that resources are deployed to maximize fare enforcement and public safety across the Metro transit system, while ensuring compliance with contract terms.  This position reports to the General Manager of Public Safety.

More information on these open positions is available here. 


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