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Amtrak Modifying Service Due to COVID-19

In response to unprecedented reductions in passenger rail travel during the COVID-19 pandemic, MoDOT staff have been working closely with Amtrak regarding the ridership declines on the Missouri River Runner trains. Due to this significant reduction in passenger demand, a temporary service modification is being made to the Missouri River Runner and the national Amtrak network.  Starting on Monday, March 30, in Missouri trains #311 and #316 will be suspended.  Trains #314 (originating in Kansas City at 8:15 am) and #313 (originating in St. Louis at 4:00 pm) will continue to operate.  MoDOT will continually reevaluate services and are prepared to work with Amtrak on service restoration as conditions change.

An announcement by Amtrak highlighting all service modifications can be found here:


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