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A Grocery Store Coming to the Loop! Important Transit Oriented Development moving in St. Louis!

Lofts at Washington UniversityWe’ve known for a while that big changes were in store for The Loop with the building of an $80 million student apartment project by Washington University.  However, they’ve just announced some of the big changes this development will provide the community too.

Global Foods Market and a peacock themed, all night diner will be the new storefronts on the street level of this development.  This will be the 2nd grocery store in the region easily accessed from a MetroLink station, and the first all night diner of which we’re aware.  St. Louis area residents can now use transit to easily get groceries, making the region that much less car dependent.

We are one step closer to being a less car dependent region, St. Louis.  Thank you Washington University and Joe Edwards (who is opening the diner) for making that possible.

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