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A CMT Membership is an Investment in the Region

As the regional transit advocacy organization, CMT is continually working to improve and expand transit options throughout the St. Louis region. We recently delivered the 2019 Public Transit Impact Study.  Public Transit delivers $3.67 billion in direct and indirect returns to Missouri’s Economy according to 2019 Transit Impact Study.  It’s also why more than 22,000 transit riders, major employers, academic institutions, and labor/community organizations continue to assist Citizens for Modern Transit (CMT) in its efforts to establish, support, and enhance programming and initiatives to help further public transit. Transit is delivering.  Help us get Missouri to deliver.

In 2020, with support from members, partner organizations, and donors CMT worked to:

  • Completion of a MetroBus Transformation Project in Maplewood, MO., which is serving as the model for similar projects in other areas
  • $25 billion in CARES Act Funding for public transit, including more than $240 million in Missouri.
  • A 2019 Transit Economic Impact Study for the St. Louis region and the state of Missouri.
  • Expansion of the Ten Toe Express Program through a partnership with AARP.
  • A MetroLink Access Pilot that led to environmental design changes at stations.
  • The CMT Try & Ride Program, which introduced more than 7,000 individuals to transit for work.
  • Management of statewide advocacy for transit through the Missouri Public Transit Association.
  • Expansion of work to Illinois in partnership with St. Clair County Transit District.

Those who are interested in supporting programs for transit riders can renew or sign up for a membership by clicking here.


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