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79 on 1 Line Presentation for the TRANSIT challenge from GOOD IDEAS

STL Alley Lovers took on the challenge presented by Kim Cella, CMT Executive Director, and Rhonda Hamm-Niebruegge, director of LAmbert- St. Louis International Airport, for the GOOD IDeas for Cities event in St. Louis.  Show us how to increase ridership on our world class transit system. An infrastrucuture  system that this region has invested millions of dollars in and how do we attract more riders not only to the system but in addition for trips to Lambert.

STL Alley Lovers posed a new way to look at bringing transit and communities together through 79 on 1 Line to gather support and ownership of the MetroLink system from areas in St. Louis that might not have a station in their backyard.  CMT realizes that many of these neighborhoods are directly served by MetroBus, but did think that the presentation provided a new way to look at energizing the community around transit by ‘Putting their backyards’ on the train. 

 StL Alley Lovers GOOD IDEAS presentation

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