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What would you like to see in MO’s Transportation future?

mo-seal1The Missouri Department of Transportation has released for review its draft 20 year Long Range Transportation Plan – “A Vision for Missouri’s Transportation Future.”  While 20 years may seem like a long time, remember we just celebrated 20 years of MetroLink this past July, in transportation planning and construction, it is not.

However, now is the time for Missourians to weigh in on what you view are the priorities for this state over the next 20 years. This plan will guide future transportation investment.  What would you like to see as a part of this plan?

At CMT, our goal would be to see more investment in public transit in the urban areas.  Voters in St. Louis County told us they wanted transit in 2010, and St. Louis City voters have been on board since 10 plus years prior for transit.  We realize that transit can not be the only improvement in our region, but we do need to take significant steps to making it a priority locally and at the state level.

MetroLink Pic 1We know that for every $1 invested in transit, there is a $4 return for this region and state – not to mention all the other benefits of transit provided to a community i.e. job creation, increased accessibility, healthier communities, more viable options for commuters, and opportunities for development.  The list goes on.  So please take a moment and let MoDOT know what you consider to be a transportation priority for MO. Not only do we need to move state funding forward, but we need to gain support from our Department of Transportation for multi-modal travel.

You can provide feedback today at or email MoDOT at


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