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#2 Cahokia MetroEast Bus Will Take you There!

getconnected_ad3One of the best features of Metro Service in the St. Louis region is the connectivity the system provides by linking its MetroBus and train lines.  In an effort to promote the many places you can go using the system, CMT has partnered with the St. Clair County Transit District to highlight destinations along MetroBus lines in the Metro East through our “Get Connected” campaign.  The second route we highlight is the #2 Cahokia Bus line.

When you catch the #2 bus at the 5th and MO MetroLink Station, you will travel south on Route 3 all the way to Water and Short/1st Street.  The route will then take you to Camp Jackson Road that travels southeast initially but then veers northeast past Elizabeth Morris School where it also becomes Route 157.  It continues on Camp Jackson Road until it turns around at Lorraine, Judith, and Donna and heads back on Camp Jackson Road, turns right on Route 3 and concludes at the MetroLink station where it started.

Key stops along the #2 bus route include the St. Louis Downtown Airport, the Shop ‘N Save on Camp Jackson Rd., Cahokia High School, Penniman School, Elizabeth Morris School and Fort Bowman Charter School.

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