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11 days remain until expiration of transportation bill, Please contact your Representative today!

By a 74-22 margin, the Senate passed a strong, bipartisan transportation bill. If it becomes law, it will help repair our roads and bridges, ensure local control of funds to help make walking and bicycling safer, and hold states accountable for how they spend their transportation dollars for the next two years.

The House has not made a move yet with the March 31 expiration of the transportation program looming. 

 Now is the time to tell your Representative that it’s time for the House to work together and follow the Senate’s lead to pass a strong, bipartisan transportation bill.

The House’s first bill which completely removed dedicated funding for public transit imploded.  It’s time for the House to either work together to make bipartisan improvements to their bill, or take up the strong Senate bill, with key reforms, that was forged and approved with bipartisan support.

 It’s time to pass a transportation bill that will put Americans back to work, help us get where we need to go, and build the kind of world-class transportation system that we desperately need.

 Please use the Smart Growth link above to easily contact your Representative and let them k now the importance of transit ASAP.  We are 11 days away from the expiration of the current bill!

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