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New Fareboxes Debut Today on High-Volume Metro Routes

As part of Metro’s efforts to “build a better experience” for transit customers, a new farebox pilot program was rolled out last October. As of today, February 25, Metro will debut the new fareboxes on three of the busiest bus lines in the city:

  • #95 Kingshighway
  • #90 Hampton
  • #70 Grand

In addition, the new fareboxes will stay in use on three of the initial pilot program bus lines:

  • #18 Taylor
  • #42 Sarah
  • #36X Bissell Hills

New fareboxes may also be used on other routes as needed. The new fareboxes are designed to replace older models that have become expensive to repair. They will provide more detailed passenger information to Metro and also contribute to reducing fare evasion. For customers, the new fareboxes are easier to use and are fitted to permit smartcard technology in the future.

Metro Ambassadors will be available to assist customer with the new technology on Monday, February 25 during peak travel times. They will be stationed outside the following MetroLink stations:

  • Central West End
  • Grand
  • Forest Park – Debaliviere

Check the Metro website for further details or to contact Metro with questions.

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