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  1. Plan your route
    Follow the route attached to your welcome letter, or plan a new route. For example, sometimes you might prefer to bike or drive to a station and take MetroLink for the rest of your commute. There are online tools to help you plan your trip at, or try Google Transit at Customers can also call (314) 231-2345 in Missouri or (618) 271-2345 in Illinois for help planning their trip.

  2. Arrive at your Point of Departure
    If you don’t already have a pass or a transfer, purchase your fare at a Ticket Vending Maching at the MetroLink station. The Ticket Vending Machines are silver with computer screens. They accept credit cards as well as cash.

    Select the Appropriate Fare:

    • If you are only riding one MetroLink train and no bus, purchase a MetroLink One-Ride Ticket. It is good for two hours, but only on the MetroLink trains.

    • If your trip involves using both a MetroLink train and a MetroBus, purchase a MetroLink Two-Hour Pass. The MetroLink Two-Hour Pass gives you unlimited use of the Metro system on both MetroLink trains and MetroBuses for two hours.

    • Alternatively, a Metro One-Day Pass gives you unlimited use of the Metro system, on both MetroLink trains and Metro- Buses, for an entire day.

  3. Stamp your ticket
    Some MetroLink tickets come pre-validated with a time stamp, but some do not. Check your ticket to make sure it has a time stamp; if it doesn’t, insert it in one of the red ticket validation machines at your train platform.

  4. Head to the correct side of the platform
    Verify which platform is for trains headed in the direction you’re planning to go. When the train arrives, check the destination sign on the front or side of the train to make sure it is the train you want. The destination sign will be blue for Blue Line trains, and red for Red Line trains.

  5. Board your train
    Stand to the side and let anyone who needs to exit at this door get off before you step on the train. Once you are on the train, find a seat. If there are no seats available, move away from the doors and find a suitable standing space. Hold on to one of the poles or overhead straps. Keep your stamped ticket handy. You may be asked to show it by Metro ticket inspectors.

  6. Watch for your stop, and exit the train when it stops and the doors open
    The stops will be announced over a loud speaker, and there are schematic system maps located in each car. If the doors in your car do not open at your station, press the button located on the pole near the exit doors.

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