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Mayor Slay Presents a Sustainability Agenda for the City of St. Louis

On February 28th, Mayor Slay held a media event at Lambert Airport announcing his Sustainability Action Agenda for priority Sustainability Plan implementation items.

“Our Sustainability Plan has three purposes: first, to make our City cleaner, safer, healthier, with less waste of energy and natural resources; second, to attract knowledge workers and others who want more sustainable spaces and neighbor-hoods; and third, to make life better and easier for all of our citizens.”

Transportation is a key part of the agenda and the transit-specific priorities include:

  • Advance use of public transit, trolleys, and streetcars to connect arts, culture, and innovation hubs.
  • Advocate for transportation plans and funding that allow more people to be less car dependent.
  • Support Citywide greenhouse gas emission reductions of 25% by 2020 and 80% by 2050.
  • Increase the number of dedicated bicycle lanes by 150% and shared road facilities by 35%.

But transit is tied to many of the other priorities too – health, empowerment, opportunity and employment.

Let’s help ensure that public transportation remains a key part of the city’s improvement plan, as it is essential to St. Louis’ growth and development – sustainably and otherwise.

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