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AMTRAK on the move in MO

Amtrak in on the move in Missouri. According to a recent update from the Missouri Department of Transportation’s Multi-Modal division, Amtrak ridership, revenue, on-time performance and customer satisfaction are all on the increase.   Current improvements to the line between St. Louis and Kansas City include:

  • $63 million for capacity improvements to ensure good on-time performance and efficient movement of freight
  • $6 million for preliminary engineering an environmental clearance on future projects
  • New passenger rail equipment including eight new, state of the art bi-level cars to improve ride and capacity.

Just this past year improvements to the line including a second Osage River Bridge and California Passing Siding were complete.  Future improvements include WiFi service by next month.  A new station at Hermann in the summer 2014.  The addition of Missouri food products on the train in the summer 2014.  The new locomotives and coaches are expected to arrive in 2016.

Since FY07, ridership has risen 78% to an all time high.   Revenues are up 129% to $6 million in FY13, and on-time performance is up 90% in FY13 compared to FY07.

This year Missouri Governor Nixon has recommended $10.8 million in his budget for Amtrak service.

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