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Guaranteed Ride Home Program is an incentive for commuters to commute to work by transit or bicycling rather than driving alone. It allows employees to take transit/bicycle while providing them a “safety net”, an assurance that they can get home and not be left at work if a situation arises. This program provides immediate transportation in case of an emergency, sickness, or unscheduled overtime. In effect, the program serves as a security blanket for those individuals who choose transit or bicycling as their commute option.

You have the option of a cab ride or rental car in case of an emergency. 

CMT reserves the right to reject any registration for any reason.  Company must be participating in the GRH program through CMT. Free for a company to participate.  Registration available online at  Program restricted to sickness, unscheduled overtime, or personal emergency.  CMT does not recommend any specific cab company. 

Rental cars are handled through Enterprise Rent-A-Car. You must register through using the discount code and PIN we'll send to you. 

A list of participating employers is available online at  A welcome letter will be mailed in the next couple of weeks and you will be eligible to use this program starting today.


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