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Mile-High TOD Fund

The Mile-High city of Denver has a Transit Oriented Development Fund which will generate and preserve at least 1,000 affordable homes for the areas along the existing and future transit corridors.  With new transit station openings approaching, $15 million is available to purchase and hold sites, which are within one-half mile of fixed-transit stations or … Continued

Rail~Volution 2012 right around the corner, Register today!

Rail~Volution is a conference of passionate people who want to engage in thoughtful discussion about building livable communities with transit. This year, the event will take place in Los Angeles, CA from October 14-17; the conference will include over 75 workshops, networking events, and toolbox sessions. People from all perspectives, dedicated to transit, livability, and … Continued

Advancements on the Arcade Building Redevelopment

Dominium Development and Acquisition will be advancing with negotiations for its proposed historic redevelopment of the Arcade Wright Building in downtown St. Louis. The proposal will now go to the building owner, the city’s Land Clearance for Redevelopment Authority, who is being offered $6 million for the Arcade as part of a project that could … Continued

Streetcar Plans, Not Just in St. Louis

Across the country, cities in the U.S. are putting dollars towards streetcar systems to revitalize their downtown neighborhoods.  These projects are receiving major support, but also some skepticism.  In Caroline Porter’s Wall Street Journal Article, she says, “Proponents say the streetcars would boost economic growth and catch the fancy of younger generations.”  Most of the … Continued

What is MAP-21?

The Federal Transit Administration’s MAP-21, or Moving Ahead for Progress in the 21st Century, was signed into law at the beginning of July by President Obama.  This will extend SAFETEA-LU through September 30, 2012, and will go into full effect after through September 30, 2014. MAP-21 will provide a steady flow of funding for FTA … Continued

Downtown KC Voters Favor Streetcar

Out of 459 voters, 318 favored the transportation development district in downtown Kansas City.  This district will be a special taxing district to help pay for a downtown Kansas City streetcar.  This is a huge milestone for transit in the Kansas City region! “We won…with this vote, the city is very confident that the taxes … Continued

Dallas Area Rapid Transit Orange Rail Opens

On Monday, July 30, the Dallas Area Rapid Transit (DART) opened the first 4.5 miles of the Orange line, which will eventually reach 14 miles, bringing access to employment and educational opportunities for thousands who commute in and out of Irving daily. The arrival of light rail culminates more than 12 years of land-use planning. … Continued

Give Your Input on Transit Oriented Development online today

East-West Gateway has launched a regional comprehensive TOD Study to explore development opportunities along the 37 MetroLink stations in the St. Louis metropolitan area. The study team is working  to educate stakeholders concerning the potential for TOD and to develop strategies to encourage economic development around the existing MetroLink stations, including additional retail, residential housing, … Continued

Retail in City Spaces

In a July-August 2012 article in Better! Cities & Towns, retailers are moving into the city and bringing along multistory setups, a decreased footprint, roof or basement parking, lower ceilings and custom architecture.  “For years, retailers built standard boxes on the edge of sprawl, a little ahead of the market, confident that residential subdivisions would … Continued

Evolution of TOD

Transit lines proved to be integral in building up cities in America in the 1800s and 1900s.  But with the wide use of the automobile in the 20th century, cities faced the problem of populations dwindling due to urban sprawl to suburb areas.  When this happened, commute time and distance rose, pollution increased and more … Continued

Denver’s New Approach to TOD

As Denver moves forward with a $7.4 billion expansion of its rail system, the city is looking to rectify what some see as a flaw in the original concept.  The flaw being how to encourage the development of dense, walkable villages around stations so people don’t have to drive to use the system. “After the … Continued

Wellston Policy Brief Now Available

The Wellston Walk Audit Summary Brief from the June 28 Wellston walkabout is now available. More than 4o CMT members and friends toured the Wellston MetroLink Station and surrounding area as a part of the CMT Wellston Walkabout in conjunction with Walk/Live St. Louis 2012. National TOD Walkability expert Dan Burden presented key factors that help … Continued

The Cottages at Cathedral Square Development

A new senior housing community which will be known as The Cottages at Cathedral Square, due to its close proximity to St. Peter’s Cathedral, will located in downtown Belleville, IL.  The project is expected to cost $5 million, will host 32 1,000 square foot apartment-style living spaces and span four single-story buildings.  At the center … Continued

High-Speed and Passenger Rails’ Impact Across the Country

High-speed rail (HSR) is becoming more critical to America’s economic future as highway congestion continues, the U.S. population grows, and as the daily battle to keep the air clean goes on. Thirty-two states are currently moving forward with HSR projects, and the Obama administration has provided more than $10 billion for investment in HSR and … Continued

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