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East West Gateway to Hold a 4 Part Speaker Series on Transportation

As a part of the long range transportation plan for the St. Louis region, East West Gateway is holding a 4 part speaker series called Connected 2045.  It will be a regional conversation about the future of transportation in St. Louis and will take place at the Missouri History Museum.  We hope you’ll join CMT … Continued

Experience Cakeway to the West on a TRANSIT CAKE WALK!

By now, you’ve likely seen at least one of the #STL250 Cakes that have been installed across town to help celebrate St. Louis’ 250 anniversary this year.  Named Cakeway to the West, the cakes are intended to be ” one part public art exhibit, one part scavenger hunt and one part history lesson – all … Continued

East-West Gateway to build regional transportation priority list – weigh in today!

East-West Gateway has begun a process to build a list of regional transportation priorities for the region.  This process coincides with the debate going on in the MO legislature on HJR68/SJR48- the proposed one-cent general sales tax for transportation in MO.   Provisions of this bill include the development of a list of transportation projects to be funded … Continued

Loop Trolley receives final approval for $25 million to build system

The Loop Trolley Transportation Development District (TDD) has received approval from the Federal Transit Administration (FTA) for a $25 million Urban Circulator Grant to build a fixed-route electric trolley system in the City of St. Louis and University City. The FTA grant is the major funding source for the $43 million project. The Loop Trolley … Continued

The Articulated Buses Have Arrived!

The region’s first-ever articulated buses have arrived in St. Louis.  These 60-foot vehicles are made of two sections that are linked by a pivoting joint and will provide seating for 54 passengers in constrast to the 40 seats available on the system’s current 40 foot buses.  The buses are a cost effective way to increase … Continued

CMT encourages members to reach out to Senate Appropriations Committee on transit funding

The House Budget Committee completed its mark-up of the state’s operating budget.  Representative Bart Korman’s subcommittee on MODOT’s budget had recommended a $1,000,000 increase in transit assistance.  The full budget committee supported including a funding increase but reduced the amount to $500,000 – for a total of $1.56 million from the State Transportation Fund ($560,875) … Continued

Union Station comes back to life with National Train Day in May

St. Louis Union Station will come back to life on May 10th, 2014. Celebrating National Train Day in conjunction with the Terminal Railroad Association of St. Louis (“TRRA”), Union Station will host an event that marks several milestones for the city in 2014, including St. Louis’ 250th birthday, the 125th anniversary of the founding of … Continued

Public Will Be Invited to Comment on Metro Proposed Fare Increases Next Month

Meeting dates, times and locations will be announced next month for the public to comment on three proposed Metro transit fare increase options. The Operations Committee for the Bi-State Development Agency’s Board of Commissioners has authorized Metro staff to schedule several public meetings and a public hearing in March to receive input on options for … Continued

Public meeting set for next week on next step for CHI-STL Rail Corridor

The Illinois Department of Transportation is holding public meetings next week regarding the next step on the Chicago – St. Louis Corridor.    IDOT is currently reconstructing the tracks between Joliet and Granite City to increase cruising speeds from 80 to 110 mph.  That work is already paying dividends with much improved service. Now, they are … Continued

MoDOT’s Long Range Transportation Plan Approved

The Missouri Highways and Transportation Commission approved MoDOT’s long range transportation plan on February 11, 2014, but simultaneously warned that without additional resources, there was little chance of delivering the plan.  The caution about MoDOT’s ability to deliver the plan stems from falling federal and state fuel tax revenues. Long range transportation plans are required … Continued

CMT releases new tool for development around transit

We know that development around Light Rail is the key to moving the St. Louis region and transit system forward, and CMT has released a resource to encourage  Transit Oriented Development that the region needs.  In partnership with Metro, CMT has created real estate spec sheets for the areas around all 37 MetroLink Stations.  These … Continued

CMT survey shows Light Rail top priority for STL

CMT recently conducted a survey  of St. Louis residents  to determine the top priority for transit for the region.  Light rail took home a winner.  Forty-five percent of the respondents indicated the number one transit priority for St. Louis should be the Northside/Southside MetroLink extension. The transit options were taken  from East-West Gateway’s list of … Continued

CMT releases RFP for public relations consultant

Dear Consultant: Citizens for Modern Transit (CMT) is requesting the services of a consulting public relations firm to perform the described professional services for the project included on the attached list. If your firm would like to be considered for these consulting services, you may express your interest by responding to the appropriate office, which … Continued

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