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CMT Surveys

CMT will offer a range of surveys throughout the year and invites any and all participation.  These surveys will help inform our advocacy efforts, messaging, and outreach and each serve a slightly different purpose which we will explain below.  We will hope to hear from you!

  • Tolling Survey – Tell us your thoughts on Governor Nixon’s discussion of tolling I-70 for transportation funding.
  • St. Louis Commuter Survey – This survey is intended to help employers determine employee commuting habits and needs.  It will help inform decisions about transit subsidies and other commuter choice possibilities.

Take the Survey Here OR Contact CMT for a link for distribution

  • St. Louis Transit Priority Survey (Ongoing) – Rank the transit projects being proposed for the region.

Rank the transit priorities here.

  • MetroLink Station Reports (Ongoing) – CMT volunteers visit MetroLink stations once a month and grade them on cleanliness, whether the ticket machines are working, and more!  If you have an impression or experience with a station, we’d welcome your input too.  This information is reported back to Metro and helps inform their operations.

    Evaluate a MetroLink Station here.

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