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Letter from CMT Executive Director

December 12, 2014 Dear CMT members and friends, The end of 2014 is fast approaching.  If transit is on your wish list for 2015, please consider a  special, tax-deductible year-end gift to CMT this year.  You can make a gift online. To give you a sense of your return on investment, here our some of … Continued

CMT issues RFP for T-Shirt Printing

CMT Request for Proposals for T-Shirt Printing Citizens for Modern Transit (“CMT”) is seeking a t-shirt vendor to print Transit Crush T-Shirts. A “Transit Crush” Event is planned for Friday, February 13. The community will be invited to express their love for transit by participating in a crush load and celebratory event for Valentine’s Day. … Continued

CMT Issues RFP for Graphic Design Work

Citizens for Modern Transit Request for Proposals Graphic Design Work CMAQ Contract 5456(611) Citizens for Modern Transit (“CMT”) is seeking a consultant to assist CMT with a design for a community-wide campaign, “The Transit Crush.” “The Transit Crush” is planned for Friday, February 13th and CMT is seeking a logo, transit advertising images, and T-Shirt … Continued

St. Louis’ Public Transit: All walks of life, we all ride together

Public transit is the key to bringing our community together. It connects individuals to jobs, communities and each other. Citizens for Modern Transit (CMT) is committed to working with various partners in the St. Louis region to support the community’s existing bus, light rail and Call-A-Ride services, while actively advocating for additional transit options. Discussions are … Continued

Tomorrow is Giving Tuesday & We Hope You Will ConsiderTransit & CMT this Year.

Dear CMT members and friends, Tomorrow is Giving Tuesday, and we hope you’ll participate with a gift to Citizens for Modern Transit.  Giving Tuesday’s tagline is “Black Friday, Cyber Monday, Giving Tuesday” where “charities, families, businesses, community centers, and students around the world will come together for one common purpose: to celebrate generosity and to … Continued

Wabash Station key to larger development moving forward?

Communities across the country are realizing the benefits of Transit Oriented Development’s ability to create livable, walkable communities.  Citizens for Modern Transit and the Skinker DeBaliviere Community Council partnered through a grant from Rise St. Louis to focus on the Wabash Station as a potential gateway to transit in the St. Louis region. The Wabash … Continued

Join CMT for TOD in the Loop at United Provisions

CMT invites you to join us for a special Transit Oriented Development (TOD) in the Loop Event at United Provisions on Thursday, December 18, from 4:00 – 6:00 pm.  Tickets will be complimentary for CMT members and $15 for non members.  United Provisions is located at 6241 Delmar Blvd, St Louis, MO 63130. Take the Train … Continued

CMT releases 2015 Legislative Priorities

Transit, transit funding and development around transit are key to moving the St. Louis region forward.  Citizens for Modern Transit released its FY15 Legislative Priorities.  CMT will be advocating for local, state and federal policies and funding for transit in FY15. As is widely publicized, Missouri ranks 36th in funding for public transit nationally, with 34 … Continued

CMT recieves OLGA AWARD at East West Gateway Annual Meeting

CMT was honored with an Outstanding Local Government Achievement (OLGA) Award from the East-West Gateway Council of Governments on November 14.   CMT Board Vice-Chair Nancy Cross stood with representatives from Cortex, the St. Louis Regional Chamber, the Board of Alderman, Metro, and St. Louis City to accept the East West Gateway OLGA Award for exemplary public/private or public/non-profit … Continued

Making the case for transit & transit funding

Citizens for Modern Transit’s Case for Transit & Transit Funding (download this Q&A here.) How much are St. Louisans spending on transportation? The average household in St. Louis currently spends almost 20 percent of its budget on transportation, obscuring the fact that this region is an affordable place to live. According to the Location Affordability … Continued

Update on Transportation Measures Decided on Election Day November 2014

While not all measures on the ballot were approved on November 4, 2014, it was a good year for transit and multimodal initiatives with 65% of measures approved.  Here’s a highlight of transit proposals that were voted on yesterday. In Massachusetts, voters were deciding whether or not to repeal a provision to index the gas … Continued

Upcoming Summit: Changing Healthcare Landscape: Implications for Community, School, Business, and Providers Summit

CMT is pleased to be a part of the St. Clair County Complete Streets steering committee in partnership with Get Up and Go and the St. Clair County Health Department, and invite you to their upcoming summit called, “The Changing Healthcare Landscape: Implications for Community, School, Business, and Providers.” The conference, planned for Friday, November 14 from … Continued

CMT Try & Ride memorable moments on Metro!

With more than 900 new transit riders for the Try & Ride program and more coming in daily, we are always eager to hear about people’s experiences.  The first and second month surveys have been providing excellent feedback that we’d like to share. In total, about 63% of the respondents shared positive experiences, only 10% shared negative experiences, and 22% were indifferent.  All … Continued

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