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Amtrak making rail service improvements, extensions across the country

According to the Missouri Rail Passenger Advisory Committee’s (MORPAC) third quarter report released yesterday, Amtrak has big plans for rail service improvements and extensions across the Unites States. Michigan – Amtrak is working with the Michigan Department of Transportation (MDOT) to make upgrades to track on routes from Kalamazoo to Central and Eastern Michigan, which… Read more »

10th Annual Women’s Transportation Seminar (WTS) St. Louis Chapter Awards Dinner set for Feb. 28

 The Tenth Annual Women’s Transportation Seminar (WTS) St. Louis Chapter  Scholarship and Awards Dinner is set for Thursday, February 28th, 2013 from 5:00pm to 9:00pm at the Engineer’s Club.      Featured Speaker – Todd Antoine, Deputy Director for Planning of Great Rivers Greenway Schedule – 5:00pm Reception • 6:15pm Seating • 6:45pm Program The Engineer’s… Read more »


Progress Continues on National Rail Network, Transportation Improvements

Over the past four years, the Obama Administration has made public transportation and high-speed rail a more central focus of public policy. The concept of a ” National Rail Network” was developed by the Administration with the goal of spurring economic growth and making high-speed rail accessible to 80% of Americans within 25 years.  Since… Read more »

High-speed Rail Hubs Attracting Development to Urban Centers

High-speed rail (HSR) has long been touted as a tool of economic development in addition to its primary function of improving connectivity and ease of travel. It now seems that high-speed rail also has the potential to contribute to the nation’s urban revitalization trends. Because HSR and other rail hubs are often located in urban… Read more »

China Embarks on Longest High Speed Rail Line

This past Wednesday, China initiated service on “the world’s longest high-speed rail line,” which runs between Beijing and Guangzhou (approximately the distance between New York and Key West, FL).  This now eight hour trip, will move passengers at 300 km, or 186 mph, compared to older trains still in use which take 21 hours for… Read more »

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Higher Speed Rail Service Begins

This past Friday, higher speed rail service of 110 mph began on a segment between St. Louis and Chicago.  Illinois Governor Pat Quinn, Illinois Transportation Secretary Ann L. Schneider and Amtrak officials announced that 110 mph rail service has started on a 15-mile segment along the Chicago-St. Louis corridor just in time for this past… Read more »


Tapping into High Speed Rail in Midwest at first event

 On Wednesday, November 14 at 5:00 p.m., Citizens for Modern Transit and the Vanguard Cabinet’s Transportation Committee present “Tapping Into Transit: High Speed Rail in the Midwest,” a presentation on the progress and future of high-speed rail from Saint Louis to Chicago. Midwest High-Speed Rail Association Executive Director Rick Harnish will provide attendees with a… Read more »


Amtrak Sets Passenger Record on Chicago-St. Louis Route

Amtrak Ridership Up and MetroBikeLink Extension Opening There was an 11% increase in passengers who used the Lincoln Service train between St. Louis and Chicago in this past fiscal year, setting a record for the route!  That equates to over 675,000 passengers over the course of the year.  Passenger numbers also increased on the Chicago-Carbondale… Read more »


The Future of High Speed Rail in the Midwest

Dr. Tsung-Chung Kao, a professor and scholar from the Railroad Transportation & Engineering Center at the University of Illinois-Urbana Champaign visited St. Louis this week and gave a highly enlightening glimpse into what High Speed Rail (HSR) in the United States-more specifically the Midwest region-would look like. Drawing from his experience in his home country… Read more »

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Resurgence of the Train Station in America

Cities all across the U.S. have big plans for their individual train stations.  So many of the rail depots across the country have rich history that is coming back to life with plans to revamp their existing structures.  Union Stations in such cities as Denver, Los Angeles, St. Paul, Charlotte, Washington, D.C. (as mentioned in… Read more »


Amtrak Updates

Updates to the track for Illinois’ high-speed route between Chicago and St. Louis are on schedule to be completed by the end of 2012.  As such, Illinois Department of Transportation and Amtrak are planning to preview higher speed trains starting September 2012, from Dwight to Pontiac. Elsewhere in the country, there are speed increases to… Read more »


Higher speed trains in the near future in IL

 The Illinois DOT and AMtrak are making plans to preview the higher speed trains this fall between Dwight and Pontiac. Final construction is underway with bus bridges every other week to allow the construction to be finished on time.  New Station for Bloomington-Normal Starting July 15, Amtrak will begin serving Bloomington-Normal passengers at its new… Read more »


High-Speed and Passenger Rails’ Impact Across the Country

High-speed rail (HSR) is becoming more critical to America’s economic future as highway congestion continues, the U.S. population grows, and as the daily battle to keep the air clean goes on. Thirty-two states are currently moving forward with HSR projects, and the Obama administration has provided more than $10 billion for investment in HSR and… Read more »