Bernstein Train

Retrofitting the Region for Economic Success – St. Louis

On September 23, 2011 Citizens for Modern Transit hosted our 27th Annual Meeting.  This year’s meeting featured guest speaker Scott Bernstein, President and CEO of the Center for Neighborhood Technology (CNT).  Mr. Bernstein presented “Retrofitting the Region for Economic Success – St. Louis” a fact-filled presentation that detailed commuting patterns, housing and transportation costs, and… Read more »

Cella elected to Missouri Public Transit Association Board

CMT Executive Director Kim Cella has been elected to the Missouri Public Transit Association (MPTA) Board of Directors.  The Missouri Public Transit Association was established to represent the interests, policies, requirements and purposes of public transit in Missouri including promoting research and investigations toward improving public transit in the state.  MPTA keeps a close eye on… Read more »


New Poll Finds 77 Percent of Americans Oppose Raising the Gas Tax

The Reason Foundation conducted Reason-Rupe public opinion telephone survey of 1,200 adults nationwide and asked them about a range of transportation issues. The results, highlighted below, have a margin of error of plus or minus 3 percentage points. This survey is part of a series of Reason-Rupe public opinion surveys dedicated to exploring what Americans… Read more »

Transportation Day is right around the corner – Join us!

Transportation Day 2012 is set for February 1, 2012 in Jefferson City.  I hope you will consider joining us in our efforts by attending this day of meetings with key legislators at the state Capitol.   We have heard from legislators that they do no think transit is a priority for people in Missouri because they are not… Read more »

ULI Tap Belleville Report

ULI TAP Belleville Station Final Report

Last month we posted about the Urban Land Institute (ULI) Technical Assistaince Panel (TAP) Citizens for Modern Transit sponsored at the Belleville MetroLink Station (See post: CMT Sponsors ULI TAP at Belleville Station).  The panel of experts has put together their final report and recommendations for development prospects at and around the Belleville MetroLink Station…. Read more »


Bringing Transit Message to the Capitol on Feb. 1

Before we know it, the Missouri General Assembly will reconvene for the 2012 Legislative session. There is one item that should be top priority for you and the region: Transit.  You may not ride transit, you may not know anyone who uses the bus or MetroLink; however, Missouri needs transit.  Transit creates, maintains and sustains… Read more »


Prop A Win Featured in Shelterforce Journal

Shelterforce, the journal of affordable housing and community building, recently printed an article about the successful 2010 Prop A Campaign. The article was written by professors Todd Swantstrom and David Kimball of UMSL and Tom Shrout of Avvantt Partners, LLC.  The article titled “A Surprising Victory,” is a follow-up to the ‘white paper’ authored by the… Read more »


Transit: Enhancing the St. Louis Economy Breakfast 1/27/2012

Before we know it, the Missouri General Assembly will reconvene for the 2012 Legislative session. We know that your company has a list of legislative priorities you would like to see this session especially in the current economy. There is, however, one item that should be top priority for your organization and the region: Transit. … Read more »

Senate Republicans look at ways to fund transportation bill

According to Transportation Issues Daily website, Senate Republicans are looking at several ways to make up the $12 billion shortfall in the Senate proposed transit/highway bill including: $3.5 billion rescinded from Advance Vehicle Technology Manufacturing Loan Program $3 billion transfer from Leaking Underground Storage Tank Trust Fund $2.5 billion reclaimed transfers of transportation funds to the… Read more »

CMT adopts FY12 Legislative Agenda

With the general session right around the corner, funding for transit at the state level tops CMT’s Legislative Agenda this fiscal year.  Citizens for Modern Transit adopted its FY12 Legislative Agenda on December 7.  Federal reauthorization of the Transportation Bill, supporting MoDOT’s request for $3.06 million for transit funding from the state of Missouri and MoDOT’s… Read more »