CMT Needs Your Help!

Dear CMT Supporter: We have great news for you as a member of Citizens for Modern Transit.  We have been awarded a federal grant to ramp up our efforts to educate and advocate for better public transportation in the St. Louis region – MetroLink, MetroBus and Call-A-Ride. The program kicked off October 1. However, we… Read more »

Back in Business

We have had some technical difficulties with our site, but now have the blog up and running again. Also look for us on facebook. CMT is focused on educating the public about the importance of transit, even to the non users. We have numerous anecdotal evidence of people who do not use transit having been… Read more »

Ballot Language

This is the language for the April 6, 2010 Transit initiative: “PROPOSITION: Shall the County of St. Louis impose a countywide sales tax of one-half of one percent for the purpose of providing a source of funds for public transportation purposes including the restoration, operation and expansion of MetroLink, MetroBus, disabled and senior transportation, in… Read more »

Transit Alliance Meeting November 12

Some 50 St. Louis area organizations have come together to work on a new effort to pass a half-cent sales tax in St. Louis County to restore lost MetroBus and MetroLink service and to begin setting aside funds for a MetroLink expansion. The meeting is 9 a.m., November 12, Room 300 of Brookings Hall. Organizations… Read more »

Bus vs. Car

Here is an interesting video of a campaign in Sweden about the bus vs. car. Click here.

Metro Funeral

Miss MetroLink is at it. The Beacon has a great article about the MetroBus funeral Friday night. Click here.

SB 477 Dead

Despite the valiant efforts of Senator Robin Wright Jones, it appears SB 477 is not going anywhere this year. The bill, introduced by Senator Jones at CMT’s request, would have allowed for the creation of the Transportation Development District of the entire St. Louis City and County. The new district could have asked residents of… Read more »

T-4 America testifies Before Congress

CMT is linked with a number of organizations across the United States working for Congress to adopt a truly reformative transportation bill. The organization is called T-4 America which is headed by James Corless. Yesterday James testified before the Senate Commerce Committee on the goals of T-4 America. These are some of them. Ensuring Accountability… Read more »