WeCar – Carsharing

What is WeCar?

WeCar Logo Car sharing has arrived in Downtown St. Louis. The program will be known as WeCar an initiative of Enterprise Rent-A-Car based in St. Louis and Citizens for Modern Transit.

Car sharing provides a big benefit to transit riders, enabling them to get along with fewer cars. Transit riders also can use WeCar for the CMT Guaranteed Ride Home program rather than a taxi for that emergency ride.

For those who ruled out transit because they need their car during the middle of the day for errands or meetings, WeCar is the perfect answer – providing them an option and an even bigger incentive to use transit.

Why car sharing is smart?

Car Sharing is when members of a community share a fleet of vehicles. With Car Sharing, you can have a vehicle at your fingertips when you need one, but won’t have all the hassle and expense of having
to drive your car to work.

Why Car Sharing is economical?

Photo: Seth TeelWith this program, members only use a vehicle when they need one, which means they only pay for a vehicle when they need one! Members pay one low hourly rate which includes gas, physical damage protection, and maintenance.

Benefits of WeCar

  • Available 24 hours a day
  • Fuel included
  • Included mileage (up to 200 miles per day)
  • Physical damage protection for all members subject to a retained responsibility of $500 per incident to the Program member.
  • Liability protection for all members
  • 24 Hour roadside assistance
  • More available parking
  • Promotes an environmentally friendly solution for transportation needs

How it works . . .

The way the program works: First, sign up at www.wecar.com/stl. The cost to register is a
one-time charge of $35.  However, CMT members who enter Citizens for Modern Transit under Referred by another member will receive a discount.
Car sharing qualifications include:

  • Age 21 and older
  • Valid driver s license
  • Credit card required

After registering for WeCar, members will be mailed a key fob that allows access to the cars.  Reservations are made over the internet. The cost for use is $8 per hour ($60 per day); the overnight fee is $30.

Locate a WeCar near you!

6th and Olive
10th and Olive
Olive and Broadway
9th and Olive
10th and Washington
7th and Olive