Distance from transit plays a key role in percentage who ride

CMT wrapped up its latest survey of St. Louisans on their perceptions of transit in January.   Whether discussing preferred method of transportation, benefits of transit, or more transit, survey respondents indicated across the board proximity to living and working near transit played a role in whether they viewed it as an option for themselves especially the MetroLink system.   Eighty-five… Read more »

MoDOT’s Long Range Transportation Plan Approved

The Missouri Highways and Transportation Commission approved MoDOT’s long range transportation plan on February 11, 2014, but simultaneously warned that without additional resources, there was little chance of delivering the plan.  The caution about MoDOT’s ability to deliver the plan stems from falling federal and state fuel tax revenues. Long range transportation plans are required… Read more »

CMT releases new tool for development around transit

We know that development around Light Rail is the key to moving the St. Louis region and transit system forward, and CMT has released a resource to encourage  Transit Oriented Development that the region needs.  In partnership with Metro, CMT has created real estate spec sheets for the areas around all 37 MetroLink Stations.  These… Read more »

CMT seeking graphic designer for spring campaign

Citizens for Modern Transit (“CMT”) is seeking a graphic design consultant to assist CMT with an advertising campaign on CMT’s promotional month of events in May 2014 including the Great Race, Wake Up to Sweeter Commute events, Metro Market and the benefits of public transportation in order to increase transit ridership on the system.  The… Read more »

CMT survey shows Light Rail top priority for STL

CMT recently conducted a survey  of St. Louis residents  to determine the top priority for transit for the region.  Light rail took home a winner.  Forty-five percent of the respondents indicated the number one transit priority for St. Louis should be the Northside/Southside MetroLink extension. The transit options were taken  from East-West Gateway’s list of… Read more »

CMT releases RFP for public relations consultant

Dear Consultant: Citizens for Modern Transit (CMT) is requesting the services of a consulting public relations firm to perform the described professional services for the project included on the attached list. If your firm would like to be considered for these consulting services, you may express your interest by responding to the appropriate office, which… Read more »

Register Now for the Spring 2014 Session of the Ten Toes Express!

The Spring 2014 session of the Ten Toe Express is set to kick off on April 3. The 12-week Spring session will last from April to June, with weekly walks starting at the Brentwood, Forest Park, Belleville, Rock Road, North Hanley, and Shrewsbury MetroLink stations. Registration for the Spring 2014 session is now open! Re-Registrants:  You… Read more »

AMTRAK on the move in MO

Amtrak in on the move in Missouri. According to a recent update from the Missouri Department of Transportation’s Multi-Modal division, Amtrak ridership, revenue, on-time performance and customer satisfaction are all on the increase.   Current improvements to the line between St. Louis and Kansas City include: $63 million for capacity improvements to ensure good on-time performance… Read more »

Senators Blunt and Bennet Introduce the “Partnership to Build America Act.”

On January 17, 2014 MO Senator Roy Blunt and Senator Michael Bennet from Colorado introduced a bipartisan piece of legislation called the “Partnership to Build America Act,” to help improve the nation’s  capability to build and repair roads, bridges, highways, ports, schools, and other infrastructure projects. This legislation would establish a $50 billion “American Infrastructure… Read more »

Hinson and Schatz introduce HJR 68

Representatives Hinson and Schatz have introduced HJR 68 this week.   It proposes a  a constitutional amendment imposing a 1% temporary increase in the state sales and use tax to be used for transportation projects. These projects are not limited to roads and bridge projects as revenues from the state gas tax are limited to those… Read more »